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Rescue Supporter?

Do Not Be Suckered by Rescues.

Ask Rescue Types if they carry Pet Insurance on their Personal Pets,
or are Donors supporting their pets (Forever Fosters)?

The Rescue Agenda is Lifetime Control of Animals,
Not Lifetime Homes
They are attempting to control and Police Pet Ownership.

🛑 them by not financially supporting them.
Stupidity beyond belief.

Choose Euthanasia as a last resort for Family Pets.
Don`t subject them to Rescues.

Be Responsible & own your pets.
It`s not Reputable Shelters,Shoppers & Breeders who are the problem,
it is Rescues & NoKill.

Keep Animals in Reputable Shelters & Shelter Run Foster Homes
so they can be adopted.

Rescues/NoKill 👉🏼 Worst thing to ever happen to Animals needing Lifetime Homes.

My Shopped👇🏼/Not Adopted Lab
Thank A Rescue for that Decision.

Offer a Lifetime Home to an Animal in a Shelter if you can find one
Remember there is absolutely nothing wrong with giving an Animal from a Reputable Breeder a Lifetime Home.

Don`t be bullied by Rescues.
They are the real problem for Animals in need of Lifetime Homes.
Take a real close look at what they`re actually doing.

Don`t sign any Contract with a Rescue
Foster or Adopt
w/o Consulting w/your own Lawyer

Are they giving Full Ownership to you?
Are they trying to waive Liability but still own the Animal?
Are they retaining the Right to remove that Animal from you?
Do you have to give your Family Member to them if
Financial Euthanasia becomes necessary.
Are they trying to dump all the Liability on Foster Homes?
Are they even telling Foster Homes abt their Liability?

People need to understand that the sole purpose of Applications
is to help the Rescue find People & Houses they can Control.
If you are willing to jump through their hoops,
they know they can control you.
It is not about finding Lifetime Homes.
They would have no Control over a Lifetime Home.
They would never get the Animal back under any Circumstance.

Lifetime Homes make arrangements & Rescue dumping is not one of the options.

You may find yourself in a Court Battle with a Rescue
trying to hang on to a pet or get it back
if you blindly sign their Contracts.

Help Reputable Shelters/Humane Societies that are truly adopting out Animals
& giving up Ownership.

Keep Animals out of the Revolving Door NoKill Rescue Scheme.

These people aren`t promoting Responsible Ownership,
they are normalizing repeated Surrendering & mooching to support pets.

I was sponsoring at

Bullies in Need

when I received an email from a well known

American Dog Owner,

asking if I was giving BIN money for a certain dog.

I asked this person if they had offered that dog a home...

they said ask the Rescue about that.

I did...they ignored me...I cancelled my Sponsorship.

I had planned on offering a Lifetime home to one of those dogs
until I received that email.
I realized then that this & other Rescues are all about the Rescuers not the dogs.

I was giving


a monthly donation for a certain type of dog.
(Possibly at risk due to BSL)

I later offered them a Foster Home for that type of dog.

They did not follow up on that offer.

Their Website said they would show people how to integrate dogs & cats...but had allowed a Rescue dog to kill a cat & not just any 🐈.

No trick to that

Jan Paquette,

simply common sense.

I was later told by
someone very familiar with the (Jan) SOAR
that no such dog had been in the care of that Rescue when they were taking money from me.

I was contacted by a Vet who was doing some work for

Eastern Ontario Potcake Rescue

who told me they needed a Foster Home by a certain date.

I said I would offer a home,provide Contact Info but would not chase them.

First of all I do not need to apply to a Rescue to offer my home & take on the Legal Liability of Fostering.

They were told of the Vet`s message
after a number of emails explaining to them that they had to prearrange a phone call,
they finally made a commitment to call but failed to place the call.

"...I'll call you before 8am tomorrow...

Julie Hearty & Allison Shalla
Eastern Ontario Potcake Rescue"

I contacted

Lab Rescue

asking if all their Adoptions required Fenced yards...I already knew the answer...wanted to see if they would respond...they did not.

My Lab came from a Reputable Breeder because of Rescue Stupidity like this.

This Rescue appears to be collecting dogs from all over but restricts "Adoptions" to GTA.

😂`Each dog in the Lab Rescue program is very personal and special to us, and we take extreme care to ensure that they are placed in the best homes.`😂

I guess the 😂Best Homes😂 are in GTA😂

A Reputable Breeder told me that in 25 years of placing dogs,
only once was a fenced yard required due to the needs of the person not the dog.

I have a fenced yard but my home was not going to be offered to any Rescue insisting on a fenced yard.
They simply are not necessary.
Needs & Would Like are not the same.

I contacted

Safe With Us

and asked a question about their Policies.

I was told by someone who had dealt with them that they were not as arrogant as other Ontario Rescues.

Their response to me...

Wed, Apr 19, 2017, 9:13 PM

"May I ask why you are enquiring about our adoption policies?"

Thank you.


My Response to Debbie...

"Yes you may.

I want to know what your Adoption Policies are in order to decide whether I want to consider adopting from your Rescue."

Debbie did not bother getting back to me about their Policies.

I got back to

Not So Safe With Us

later that year after getting my dog.

"Aug 16, 2017, 2:27 PM

In case you were thinking of eventually answering my question,don`t bother."

My Home was made available as a Foster Home to Ontario Rescues
from approx 2009 to July 2017

That is when I got my dog from a Reputable Breeder not a Rescue.

She has a Lifetime home.

A Volunteer with a No Kill Rescue told me if I would apply to adopt a dog that had already had one TPLO Surgery,
the Rescue (meaning the Public) would foot the Bill if a 2nd TPLO was needed.

I know the cost of a 2x TPLO,
I had to borrow money for my dog or put her down.

If Rescues are suckering the Public for money for dogs/cats supposedly already adopted,
then they are not only running a Scheme to Control Pet Ownership...
they are running a Scam.

Real forever homes pay their own Veterinary Bills
may have to put animals down for financial reasons if they do not have Insurance.

Even with Insurance that is a possibility in a Real Forever Home because of the Deductibles per Incident.
Life in the real World...Rescues.

I believe that is part of the Rescue scheme & the reason Rescues want control of animals.

No Rescue nonsense required for my dog,just a pleasant 2 way Conversation.

I had every intention of offering a real forever home to a Rescue Dog when I found a dog I wanted
but Rescues are a major problem for animals needing homes.

Rescue is all about Control of Animal Ownership.

Support Shelters (if possible) where animals truly are up for Adoption.
(OSPCA & Humane Societies)

*There are few animals available for adoption to the Public now because of Rescues collecting them.*

Find an animal needing a home before a Rescue gets a hold of it.
Check Kijiji for Owners rehoming/surrendering an animal,keep your ears open,ask around.

To Owners who surrender ill or elderly pets to case they will be put down...worse case,"saved" by a Rescue in the nick of time.

That is not the kinder option for a pet...they deserve to be put down by your Vet with you by their side.

That is a forever home & the kindest option for them.
Consider not getting a pet if you are the type who would give them up at any point in their life.

There are no perfect dogs or cats,homes or "best" matches despite what Rescues believe.

But there are Perfect Owners...they are called Forever Owners.
Some may live in houses with fenced yards,some may be homeless on the street.

(Until death do you part)

Do not give Rescues control over Pet Ownership.

A Vet may know of an accidental litter or an animal needing a home.

Support Reputable Dog Breeders
(A personal choice for some & perhaps the only choice in the future because of Rescues)

Rescues are a bottomless pit of other people`s money which is allowing them to carry on like this.

They might exhibit some commonsense if they were using their own money or if they had a whole lot less donated money.

Past Generations who knew much more about animals would never have put up with Rescue nonsense & neither should you.

All these Real Life Canine Good Neighbours below had wonderful,fun,real forever homes.

And yes some were Farm Dogs...Farm Life is a great Life.

Absolutely no kowtowing to Rescues required.

Say No to Applications & House Inspections & Yes to Conversations.

Rescue nonsense is simply keeping dogs out of good real forever homes.

I feel very sorry for animals in the clutches of Rescues.

Against my better judgement I recently offered a Foster Home to

Sit With Me

after seeing a rather desperate plea on Social Media.

All they had to do was DM to start a chat.

They did not bother because that would take control away from them and Rescues want to be in control.

Thankfully the Public is catching on.

It is all about the Rescuers...not the animals.

Pet Owners... beware of the Rescue Scheme to control Pet Ownership.

Donors... beware of funding animals that are not truly up for Adoption to the General Public.


Retain Your Right to Choose & Own a Pet.

Support Ontario Shelters if possible.

Rescues are taking Resources away from Shelters
getting in the way of Adoptions into Real Forever Homes.

If No Kill Rescue Types get their way,
NO ONE will have a pet in their home
unless they seek & get the approval of a Rescue & accept their No Kill Conditions of being an irresponsible Owner who dumps/returns pets .

Do not give Rescues any Control over pets.


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