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Constructive Ways to help Animals & Lifetime Homes

Own Your Pets

Support Shelters & Reputable Breeders NOT Rescues.

They want Control of Pet Ownership.

They are the Problem not Shoppers.

More and more people are shopping because of Rescues.

Fund Shelters so that Animals needing Homes are actually available for Adoption.

That is not what is going on at Rescues.

Do not be suckered by people who want to collect and control Animals.

They want to control those Animals for Life.

That sends people shopping.

If you attempt to deal with Rescue Groups Do NOT allow them to retain ANY Control.

Reputable Shelters & Breeders want Lifetime Homes.

Rescues want Lifetime Control…big difference.
Rescue Groups are a problem.
They serve no purpose,
they simply want forever control.
Placing Animals w/people who would return them voluntarily or by demand?
What kind of Rescuing is that?
Rescues are the Problem, not in any way,shape or form the Solution.

Take a long,hard look at Rescues before donating $

I don`t help Rescues keep Animals out of Lifetime Homes like mine.

A Court Order would be required to remove an Animal from my Home.

My Shopped👇🏼/Not Adopted Lab.
Thank a Rescue for that Decision.

Shelters are where you return/dump Pets if so inclined,
They might have a chance at a Lifetime Home.
Don`t subject them to the Rescue Group Revolving Door System.

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If you can spare some cash,
here are some safe,reputable,constructive ways to help
both animals & Lifetime Homes.

1) The OSPCA
or another Reputable Humane Society/Shelter
that gives up Ownership to Adopters.

2) The Farley Foundation
They help Lifetime Homes truly in need.

3) The OVC Pet Trust

4)The Good Bye My Friend Fund
( The kinder option for Family members.)

5) Spay It Forward

Some Donations to help Animals were made

In Memory of Mac

Animal Farm Grant Program.

Airfare for Detection Dog Assessment


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