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Advocating for a #Label... not an Effective or Constructive Strategy,

"They are the best dogs ever,...."

There is one glaring problem here that does not line up with science:
Dogs labeled pit bulls are not a they.

It is unfortunate that many Ontario #Label Advocates
either have not read the Law or simply do not understand it.

No other Purebreds are automatically exempt.
It is not & has never been about DNA.
If it was,every mutt would be tested no matter the look
every Purebred not named would be exempt.
If you don`t understand after 15 years that it is not abt DNA
then there really is a problem & it is the inability to read & comprehend what you have read.

The Trempe Inquest Designated Expert Witness

Advocate for Children,Public Safety & a Fair,Effective Law in memory of this Child



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